Transcending Surfaces

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Surfaces play an important role in Architecture. While the orientation of a surface can definitely define direction and movement, details such as surface textures often heighten comfort associations, help establish emotional connects and are also potential guiding elements for disabled people. As Ar. Gita embarked on the 1700 km journey of ‘Walk for Arcause’, she spent long hours walking on roads, highways, etc. Often these roads also doubled up as surfaces on which she would complete her stretches post the walk. Through the journey, we also realised that in many rural areas, these concrete or mud surfaces are the most familiar texture, as one can find the same throughout the house and even in bathrooms.

In many sessions of ‘Mera Ghar’ conducted throughout the walk, Ar. Gita discussed the tiled surfaces in a house. Floor and Wall tiles have an important role in buildings. Floor tiles act as a protective surface covering for the floor slab,  ensure ease of maintenance and are designed to take the daily wear and tear of movement. They provide an easy to clean, water resistant surface in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Wall tiles on the other hand, are used mostly only in bathrooms, and kitchens and are not designed for load but to provide water proofing solution.. They provide for an easy-to clean vertical surface in these high maintenance areas. Many times when wall tiles are used on floors they cant take the load and often crack. Hence, it is important to understand the technical difference between the two.

The most common types of floor tiles are ceramic and vitrified floor tiles. Varmora is one such brand that offers a large variety of options with regard to tile sizes, finishes, types. Some of the large variety of floor tiles provided by Varmora include porcelain, vitrified, GVT, fullbody, colourbody, double charge.

These tile types are again available in a variety of finishes, depending upon the way the outer surface of the tile is treated. With the wide variety of tiles provided by Varmora, one can meet any type of functional and aesthetic requirement. In addition to this, Varmora ensures great product quality. All tiles provided by the brand are Abrasion resistant, meaning they can with wear and tear due to constant friction, rubbing, etc. They are also Anti-skid, ensuring safety in wet places. The tiles are highly durable and require low-maintenance which makes them ideal for use in a residential building. The have low water absorption and are suitable for application in a range of places, including areas exposed to heat, light, rain and varying weather conditions. Lastly and most importantly, the tiles are eco-friendly ensuring minimal harm to our environment.

Six formal sessions and five informal Mera Ghar sessions have been conducted and we have been able to reach out to over 500 people and converse with them about architectural and design literacy.

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