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As a part of the Walk for Arcause campaign, when Ar. Gita Balakrishnan decided to walk at night, it was liberating and yet concerning at the same time. As she gently walked into the night, some part of the route was flooded with pools of light and some dark shadows. A well lit path felt secure, on the contrary, some long stretches with little flickering sparks dying away engulfed the entire street in insecurity and worry.

The varying quality of street lighting, temperature, and social atmosphere influence the visibility and safety of the pedestrians. This in turn impacts the sense of comfort while walking. While people in the city tumble and toss in the safety of their beds, the uncertain night reveals itself to the pedestrian. While a lone woman pedestrian longs to feel safe while walking, crime and risk prevention initiatives often fail to ensure her safety. The choice that determines safe and unsafe zones in the city is often driven by the design of our cities. Urban design features such as pedestrian zones, streetlights are often factors that make a city feel safe round the clock. 

Vivel is one such brand that strongly supports the cause of women empowerment. They believe that women have an equal right to dream, live with respect and be achievers. Vivel inspires women to ‘Never Compromise’.

ITC Vivel supports the Walk for Arcause campaign under its brand philosophy of ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin.’ The brand has been vocal about equality and empowerment, encouraging women across the nation to question status quo, voice their opinions uninhibitedly, speak-up and own their choices without any compromise. With this the brand seeks to empower women and transform communities. 

The ‘V’ of Vivel represents the ‘Voice of women’, who are encouraged to challenge prescriptive behavioral norms and gender based stereotypes. As a part of its brand philosophy, the ‘Know Your Rights initiative’ was designed to raise awareness on the rights and laws that empower and safeguard women. It believes that awareness of legal rights is the first step towards equality, empowering and protecting women. Vivel emphasises that no one should compromise or be discriminated against. In a nuanced approach towards the very same ethos, ITC Vivel brings gender sensitivity to the fore in architecture and design. It brings our attention back to the power of design in bettering the lives of people at large.

Lastly, when it comes to equitable and inclusive design, the responsibility falls upon all of us. Through the Walk for Arcasue campaign, Ar. Gita had the opportunity of interacting with many such women including Sunita Devi also known as Rani Mistry, women at the Banalata resort,and she even had a ‘Mera Ghar’ session in Bishnupur with the women of Mallabhum Prayas NGO. With many such interactions on the way the Walk for Arcause campaign appreciates the spirit of ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’, thereby enabling change with every step.

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