24th September 2023: Day 5: WFA 3.0: Wrapping up the journey.
24th September 2023: Day 5: Sharing the happiness of walk completion with students.
24th September 2023: Day 5: WFA 3.0 Odisha Walking Studio – Commemorative walk from Mukteswar Temple to Lingaraj Temple.
24th September 2023: Day 5: Celebrating the Walk’s Completion Together.
24th September 2023: Day 5: Here begins day 5 of the walk 3.0.
23rd September 2023: Day 4: Walking, talking and connecting with Gopinathpur Locals.
23rd September 2023: Day 4: A meaningful interaction with the students of Odisha Walking Studio
22nd September 2023: Day 3: Gotipua Dance Show in Raghurajpur.
22nd September 2023: Day 3: A short conversation with construction workers in Puri.
21st September 2023: Day 2: Interaction with students on their way to school.
21st September 2023: Day 2: Kushabhadra River, meets the bay at Ramachandi Beach.
20th September 2023: Flag-off – A soaking yet exhilarating flag-off for Walk for Arcause 3.0, Odisha Walking Studio, a first-of-its-kind exploratory learning initiative. Over the next 5 days, architect Gita Balakrishnan will be walking from Konark to Bhubaneswar with students of the different colleges of architecture in Odisha joining her to explore people, places, Art, Architecture and Craft.