7 November 2022: Day 17 – The Walk for Arcause 2.0 draws to a close at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, the National Parliament Building of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Ar. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed (President, Arcasia), Ar Mubasshar Hussain (President, Institute of Architects Bangladesh), and Ar. Qazi M. Arif (Convener, IAB Golden Jubilee Celebrations), joined Ar. Gita Balakrishnan for the last stretch.
Glimpses from the Symbolic Walk!
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Arcause has now been across borders and back!
5 November 2022: Day 15 – Ar. Gita makes a stop at what is described as the soul of Dhaka City: the Dhakeswari Mondir, it was declared a National Monument in 1992.
4 November 2022: Day 14 – This milestone is a joyous moment – the destination reached, and now almost at the end of an arduous yet eye-opening journey.
4 November 2022: Day 14 – The journey has crossed over into the capital city of Dhaka.
2 November 2022: Day 12 – The River Crossing!
Ar. Gita and the ground crew take a ferry across the Padma River.
Featured above are scenes from the Keurakandi Ferry Ghats.
2 November 2022: Day 12 – The way to Dhaka proves to be more adventurous than usual, as the journey takes to water: with the Padma Bridge being inaccessible,

01 November 2022: Ar. Gita is closer to the destination!
Day 11 saw us visit the Alfadanga Mosque, Faridpur, designed by Ar. Marina Tabassum
01 November 2022: Little gems along the way.
31 October 2022: We are a day closer to Dhaka!
31 October 2022: Day 10 of Walk for Arcause 2.0 Campaign!
30 October 2022: Day 9 of the Walk for Arcause 2.0 Campaign is afoot!
30 October 2022: The presentation Learn Design from Nature encourages children to look for designs around them.
30 October 2022: Ar. Gita interacted with inquisitive students returning from their tuition class!

29 October 2022: Day 8 of Walk for Arcause 2.0 Campaign!
29 October 2022: Day 8 saw a detour into the beautiful Vanghura Gram, a village near Darajhat.
28 October 2022: Day 7 saw young inquisitive girls on their way to school on Jessore-Narail Highway stop by the little crowd gathered around Ar. Gita.
28 October 2022: The Walk for Arcause 2.0 witnessed many moments where socially relevant projects were displayed to the public.

28 October 2022: Day 7 saw an early start unveiled 2-hours of beautiful and pristine village settings – the sights including more no. of masterful stilt-mounted houses.
Glimpses from Day 6
27 October 2022: Day 6 of Walk for Arcause Campaign 2.0
27 October 2022: Second day on another side of the border!
27 October 2022: Ar. Gita visited the 2022 Aga Khan winning Urban River Spaces Project in Jhenaidah by CoCreation Architects.
26 October 2022: After a record-breaking running/walking session to get to the border in time. Happiness in the form of final waiving off of the physical checking was found, as immigration officers felt kindly after hearing about the initiative. They’d instead taken selfies with her.
26 October 2022: On the other side, friends from the Institute of Architects Bangladesh were greeted. Special shoutout to Creative Group LLP, New Delhi, their Immigration Centre project for their welcoming arms, and The Daily Star for the feature.
24 October 2022: Day 3 day began with a 2-hour wet spell but turned bright and pleasant. Braving the cyclone warnings seems a good decision, as Ar. Gita is closer to the border, about 25 KMs away.
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23 October 2022: Day 2 of Kolkata to Dhaka | 306 KM
23 October 2022: Day 2

23 October 2022: Day 2 of Walk for Arcause 2.0 is afoot!
22 October 2022: A big thanks to the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh, Kolkata for having hosted the energy and zeal of Arcause on its beautiful grounds.
22 October 2022: Day 1 – The Walk for Arcause 2.0 Campaign has finally flagged off after a long wait!

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