A shelter is considered a basic necessity for human beings which is exemplified in the famous slogan – Roti Kapda Aur Makaan and yet Architecture and Design are considered to be niche domains.

The power that design wields in changing lives has not been disseminated and more importantly has not been explored enough or even understood. This is evident in the rapidly changing character and fabric of our cities, towns, and now even our villages.

The purpose of the Walk for Arcause is to bring the focus on architects in the social realm and on Architectural Social Responsibility to build a social conscience. 1700 km from Kolkata to Delhi was an opportunity to identify action areas through interaction with communities in villages, towns, and cities along the way and throw them open for designers to act where Walk for Arcause 2.0 will be highlighting Uniting Through Design as this second version of the walk is across borders of India and Bangladesh.

In honor of India’s 75th anniversary of independence, this Walk for Arcause 2.0 celebrates Uniting Through Design between India and Bangladesh.






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Do you wanna fund need-based fellowships and spread awareness about our built environment? Donate any contribution that you may see fit towards us making this difference together.

Have you ever witnessed the difference design can make? This is an open invitation for writers to create articles, photo essays, and sketchplorations.

Design impacts lives. Do you have a design project, ideas, or concepts to prove this? Send us your project and let us exhibit virtually the power of design.

Arcause initiatives to highlight the role of design and Architectural Social Resposnibility.

You have the power to impact too. Here is a chance to involve yourself to create awareness about design around you. Use these resources according to your need and spread the design empathy, sensitivity and responsibility.

In Walk for Arcause 1.0 – a 1700 km journey across 7 states to shed light on design impacting lives and understand our focus areas.

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