Walk for Arcause is designed as a campaign for awareness on the role good design can play in changing lives. We do this by taking thoughtful, empathetic and sustainable design ideas out of the elite circle of discussion to the masses. We focus on the difference architects and designers have made, through their holistic interventions, in different spheres of life. Conversely, this walk is an opportunity to identify action areas through interaction with communities in villages, towns and cities along the way and throw them open for designers to act. The overall intent of Walk for Arcause is to bring the focus on architects in the social realm and on Architectural Social Responsibility.

India is celebrating its 75th year of Independence and this walk celebrates the spirit of India and its architecture.


Arcause Showcase is designed as a platform to display socially relevant design ideas and projects from the design fraternity. It is a collection intended to take design ideas out of the elite circle, to all people and spread design awareness and literacy.

Fun Fact of the Week!

Did you know, that LEGO used to make special bricks for architects?

Quote of the Week:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Architecture ki Pathshala

Presentations to school children on Design Literacy and Architecture / Design as a career

Chai pe Charcha

Engaging with grassroots organizations and common people on their problems related to shelter and infrastructure.

Design Deliberations

Meetings with the Architecture and Design Fraternity to understand local issues and achievements.

Igniting Young Minds

Interactions with Students and Faculty of Colleges of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design – Sensitize them on the need to empathize with communities and their needs.


A Travelling Exhibition of ideas, innovations and achievements.

Chale Chalo

In keeping with our intent of sensitizing young minds to be agents of change and to keep them connected with Indian realities, we will invite students of architecture, design and engineering, schools and colleges to join the #Walkforarcause wherever possible.


Kolkata India

About Us

Walk for Arcause is designed as a campaign for awareness on the role good design can play in changing lives and how good designers can help towards nation building.

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