The Construction

– By A.Sneharathi

It was a hot windy summer day,
Men were putting walls across the back of my house’ window,
Nail by Nail the frame goes up.
I could hear the breaking, cracking, and all sorts of sounds,
Enough for shaking three hundred towns.
Tiringly the workers were striving under the sun’s bright glow,
A gigantic, concrete magic is happening that was what just I know.
Every day, I saw it slowly coming to life;
A true result of the workers’ strife.
The building towers above my head,
Like a huge, majestic elephant well-fed.
From dawn to dusk it happens surrounded by dust,
The workers had no choice but to work for must.
For the workers, it is like a dream come true;
To see their struggles towering high into the blue.
I used to see the kids of the workers sit and tinker with the sand and pebbles as
Yet they were struggling, still, I could feel how happy were the girls and boys.
But lastly when the workers complete and leave after their duty,
They turn back for one last time to look at the constructed beauty.
Their mere wages are nothing for them to stay there,
Hence they move on not knowing where.
For me, the building constructed is a fantasy, a wonder.
The construction to me is never a blunder.

Sneharathi is a 4th year Student Architect from the School Of Architecture, Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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