Shelter Process

– By Sandhya M

Hard materials grounding the earth with ample solidity
in the empty space.
Each time, each different sounds rhythms the durability
features of iron, steel, brick, and so many.,
Everyday fresh starts in the smiling sun and tries out in
the drowning set.
But each day plays its own lavish roles as according.,
Thickly muscled men up lifting the print-perfect brick
alignment to the upper flies
Those are not easy cheesy move
They are the game catching; catch and catch of the utter
The summer vacation turns the construction yards into
playgrounds and haunted hide-and-seek spots,
The kids around look like flowery blossoms but horn out the
entire mess into a miniature life of their own fantasy.
Pooled yellow-brown sand in front is the warmth
spread wide castle of ping pong bugs.
At times these unfinished skeletons take free baths on
heavy clouds and thundering howls.
The long behind stories are the path narrowing, great
future excitements of colorful living mess.

Sandhya M is a student of architecture in SOA-CIET. She specialises in architectural journalism.

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