Insightful discussions on the Walk

Amongst the many interactions on the Walk for Arcause, some of the insightful discussions have been the ‘Mera Ghar’ and ‘Chai pe Charcha’ sessions. In these sessions Ar. Gita discusses common building practices and simple things locals need to take into consideration while building their own house. In more than six such sessions, an important topic discussed with the people was regarding the reinforcement bars used in the construction. On questioning the local people, it was found that many use reinforcement bars of 600 SD, especially for their high strength. However, the 600 SD and above re-bars are used for high-rise constructions while 550 SD is optimum for the strength and resistance against vibrations caused by the presence of a railway line in the vicinity or due to the passing of heavy vehicles on highways and flyovers and thereby is an ideal choice for Individual Home Builders (IHB). Through the ‘Mera Ghar’ presentation, the locals were informed about the features of the TATA Tiscon reinforcement bars and their usage.

The TATA Tiscon 550 SD are high-strength reinforcement bars, designed specially to give consistent strength. These bars are manufactured from virgin iron and pure steel. The ribs of the re-bars are designed to have increased bonding with the concrete thereby preventing cracks. Hence, they increase structural load carrying capacity and the lifespan of the building, whilst reducing the cracks in buildings. Homes built using TATA Steel are designed to last up to 30-50 years. They also help optimise the need for steel requirements in buildings and ensure up to 6% of monetary savings on steel reinforcement. The TATA 550 SD is recommended in earthquake zones due to its high strength and ductility and also in coastal areas due to its corrosion-resistant properties. Besides, being Earthquake resistant, the 550 SD re-bars also provide strength to withstand the vibrations caused due by the presence of a railway line in the vicinity or due to the passing of heavy vehicles on highways and flyovers. They can also be used in factories and are capable of withstanding gas emissions. These reinforcement bars are available in diameters ranging from 6mm to 40mm. 

Set up in 1907, TATA Steel has come a long way, and today is one of the most used Steel brands in building constructions across the country. Launched in 2000, the TATA Tiscon, a sub-group of TATAs successfully manufactured India’s first TMT Re-bar with technological support from the USA. It remains India’s only Re-bar Superbrand and has grown today to a large network of over 6800 dealers across the country and is today the most-well known re-bar brand. With a large variety of specifications of reinforcement bars, the TATA Tiscon re-bars provide ductility, high strength and also help minimise the quantity of steel required.

As of today six formal sessions and five informal sessions have been conducted and we have been able to reach out to over 200 people and converse with them to spread awareness on the TATA Steel 550SD.

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