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Architecture and design are central to our lifestyles but largely unknown professions in India. There is minimal awareness of the importance of a responsibly and responsively designed environment, be it built or unbuilt. Therefore, it becomes essential for architects and designers that foster the community, to go out to the larger community to reinforce this awareness through multiple initiatives. 

Walk for Arcause is a humble attempt to learn and generate ideas from what we experience through the stories of others. Learning from communities, cities, institutions, organizations, climatic conditions, landscapes, built and unbuilt environments, and formal and informal settings. Through the different engagement programs along the way, the Walk for Arcasue sheds light on the Architecture and Design community, their contributions and role in society, issues that they aim to address through design, and most important of them all, the role of good design in impacting lives positively.

iDAC contributes to our cause of spreading design awareness. It is a large knowledge-sharing platform that supports immense innovation in the ACED industry. The Walk for Arcause 2.0 has consistently striven to educate communities on the power of design and the role of design professionals in society. The Mera Ghar presentation is a tool used en route to educate the common public about what goes into the building of a home. Arcause has taken it up as one of its major action points: to ensure that where architects or their services cannot reach directly, there exists knowledge about good building practices. At the same time, iDAC is ensuring knowledge is shared through its ambitious initiatives like Expos, E-Summits, Workshops, and Webinars regardless of the changing times. 

iDAC’s vision is to impact and improve the construction industry’s development and quality to build a better society. The Walk for Arcause 2.0 also witnessed many moments where socially relevant projects were displayed to members of the general public. We at Arcause share a belief with iDAC that this is one of the ways in which design can be made accessible to those who it can benefit the most. These lessons transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. Every step taken is a new shared experience.

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