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Urban lighting affects human perception and enhances the functionality of spaces. Innovative use of lighting techniques has the potential to transform nightscapes and create appealing city vistas. The perception of safe and unsafe zones through the stretch of Ar. Gita Balakrishnan’s journey to Dhaka is largely driven by the varying quality of lighting. There have been multiple examples of well-designed lighting in urban spaces which proved instrumental in enhancing night-time activities with extended hours of social or commercial bustle while highlighting the unique character of the environment. Efficient lighting enhances the notion of safety thereby encouraging people to claim their public spaces. 

The quality of the lighting is affected by a number of factors- the type of light, orientation, colors, and intensity. Unplanned artificial lighting can result in light pollution, adversely affecting the quality of space, whereas well-designed, sustainable, and energy-efficient lighting impact the community positively. This brings our attention back to the power of design in bettering the lives of people at large. Hence, it becomes essential for architects, designers, and organisations, to go out to the larger community to reinforce the role of good design in improving lives. Architects and designers are essential to designing this responsive interface with the concepts of sustainable development. 

With a zeal for innovation and efficiency in the lighting world, K-LITE supports the Walk for Arcause 2.0 campaign to anchor responsible actions. It is this zeal to be responsible for the society and environment that the brand has always considered the future economic and environmental impacts of their activities. This is why environmental awareness, health, and sustainability take the lead at K-LITE. 

The brand envisions a world where customers get the freedom to choose lighting products that are energy-efficient, innovative, and sustainable. Thus, its sustainable strategy revolves around reducing environmental impact across all the departments. Be it design and planning to procurement, production, sales, and distribution, all the processes are carefully monitored to ensure compliance with every environmental and safety regulation. Because, in the end, it is all about creating the right impact on the lives around you.

K-LITE contributes towards a more stable, ecological, and social framework by making their electricity consumption carbon neutral with the installation of over 2000 solar panels which generate 300kWp. The brand is transforming lives and communities by putting a new spin on lighting design through their products, system, and process, keeping sustainability, and energy efficiency at the core. It strives to create an efficient circular economy by recovering reusable materials and recycling components. Thus, from ensuring fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) to reducing solid waste, the brand is working for a brighter and better tomorrow – at every step.

In 1977, a dream was realized – to manufacture high-quality luminaires and Architectural lighting poles with a deep-rooted pursuit for excellence. With this vision, K-LITE was born. Every idea begins with an objective to achieve. Ours was to put a new spin on lighting products, keeping quality, sustainability, and energy efficiency at the core of everything we do. A registered trademark in India, UK, and Europe, K-LITE works with the mission to add tangible value to the world of lighting.

To consolidate our commitment to excellence, we perform all our processes internally – from design and development to production and assembly, and we take great pride in being the manufacturer of choice for all lighting needs.

Architectural Luminaires Inspired by You
Guided by a culture of continuous improvement and customer focus, our collection of finely crafted lighting is made using the highest quality materials. Over the years, our innovative architectural luminaires have lit several commercial, retail, and institutional establishments, and we could not be happier. As we continue to partner with architects, lighting designers, and electrical contractors, our focus lies in bringing life to their lighting ideas. With seven state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, located in Chennai and Bhopal in India, we deliver high-quality architectural lighting solutions worldwide. And we do this with the support of over 750 passionately driven employees. A strong team.Incomparable performance. The client-centric approach defines us. This is what makes K – LITE an industry leader that aims to deliver nothing but the best.

Your Go-To Resource for Architectural Lighting
With a growing global footprint, K-LITE has successfully grown into one of India’s leading manufacturers of architectural lighting poles & luminaires, be it contemporary or decorative. And we have done this by capitalizing on our industry knowledge and combining it with advanced optical engineering. Building the foundation of a solid interplay between architecture and luminaire, all our innovations and designs are shaped to enrich people’s lives. Lighting refined.

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