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Out of the various conversations as a part of the Walk for Arcause campaign, Ar. Gita Balakrishnan has many insightful discussions on the design of ‘Toilets’ during the Mera Ghar and Chai pe Charcha sessions. In these sessions Ar. Gita discusses common building practices and simple things locals need to take into consideration while building their own house. During many of these conversations, it was noted that especially in many of the rural areas, there were no toilets for people. Although some of these villages had toilets, they were not designed properly. The reality of the sanitation system is quite different from the expected. Many villagers and construction labourers disclosed that out of the 1.2 lakhs awarded to every house for toilet construction under the PMAY scheme, most of the amount is given to contractors assuming that they will take into account the expert’s opinion. However, architects are not consulted during the entire process, due to which the toilets are eventually built with the incorrect gradient that results in wrong water flow. Many of the toilets also lack a septic tank. It would be ideal in such a scenario, to either consult an expert or in the minimum follow a checklist issued by an expert.

Kohler is one such brand, which aligns its CSR initiatives, to provide people with adequate and decent sanitation facilities. In addition to a multitude of other initiatives, Kohler India strives to work for the development of Slum Areas, contribution to the Clean Ganga Fund set up by the Central Government for rejuvenation of river Ganga; promoting gender equality, empowering women and also aims to work for the consistent sustainable development of the community. In line with its CSR initiatives, Koher provides for products that work towards sustainability by reducing water consumption.

Did you know that on average, it takes 5 to 7 gallons of water every time you flush? But water-saving, low-flush models use only approximately 1.6 gallons. Kohler is an international brand that focuses on the sustainability of the products in addition to functionality, aesthetics, and performance.  The water-saving fixtures at Kohler, provide one the opportunity to save water whilst maintaining hygiene and with virtually no wastage. With the Aqua Piston® flush engine, one does not have to sacrifice performance.

Kohler provides a variety of toilets that provide for the Aqua Piston® flush engine. The Model named ModernLife is Back-to-Wall Two-piece Dual Flush 2.6/4L Washdown Toilet with Rimless Flushing Technology and Slim Seat P-trap. Similarly, Reach Up is another 2-piece toilet, which offers a choice of a 2.6L flush or a 4L Flush. It provides for up to 56% water saving compared to a 6L toilet. The San Raphael Grande is yet another model that one-piece toilet that integrates the toilet and the bowl in a seamless, full apron skirted, easy to clean design. It has a class flushing design and guarantees up to 20% water savings without sacrificing performance.

In addition to water-saving water closets, Kohler also has a wide range of water-saving showering products and faucets. Kohler provides for three categories of the Awaken Multi-function hand shower, which has a 1.5 gpm flow rate and uses 30% less water compared to the 2.5 gpm hand showers. It is elegantly designed and complements most contemporary and minimalist baths.  Other than hand showers, Kohler has two models of water-saving faucets. The Aleo lavatory faucet has a 1.0 gpm flow rate and uses 50% less water as compared to the standard 2.0 gpm flow rate. The Singulier faucet is another option that again has a flow rate of 1.0 gpm and uses 50% less water compared to the standard.  

These are a few of the water-saving bathroom fixtures provided by Kohler. An internationally reputed brand, Kohler provides quality toilet fixtures that are elegantly designed and have a long life. Today Kohler is a global lifestyle brand that is committed to providing luxury and quality bath and kitchen products to its users.

The effective and efficient design of toilets is very important and Kohler products can play a significant role. As of today six formal sessions and five informal sessions have been conducted and we have been able to reach out to over 200 people and converse with them to spread awareness on the Kohler water-saving products.

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