Down to Earth

An interrelationship between habitat and life


Earth, or clay, is usually thought of as a poor man’s material. However, a journey amongst people, spaces and products of Bhuj, which originated from earth has resulted in one most rewarding experiences. A stroll around the narrow streets of a potter’s community settlement revealed love, dedication, earnestness, patience, and enormous joy for one’s art and craft, as well as for life. Earth provided for the structure of their house and workspace, as well as the utensils, cooking platform and sleeping platform. Apart from space, the family was tethered to the ground as a unit, contributing at various stages of the creation of their goods.


All that was discovered in this region was defined by Earth. Soil was the originator of everything, from people to products, routes to space. The material’s properties – humility, adaptability, and mouldability – were represented in the settlement. The walk provided a platform to learn and understand what it means to be down to earth from a community and their environment that was raw and humble. They  lived, laughed, worked, and fought in, with, and for the earth.

Neha Nair is an architect from Ahmedabad. Apart from being an academician and practitioner, she is highly intrigued by photography. Neha believes that the world is ‘worth a click’.

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