Architecture: An Immeasurable Sensation

By Srajati Tiwari

As Anton Chekhov rightly quoted “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into perspective.” Therefore, architecture holds the capability to manifest unidentified perceptions. The theorizer inside me is enhancing its nerves as I climb more no. of the treads in a staircase of architecture. So, let’s start by taking the first step out of the building. My brain says “Count the no. of steps heading towards ground level, are they odd? Meanwhile, while I am on my way, the traffic jam makes me question about road arboriculture & well by just not thinking but penning it down & sharing it with people, by spreading awareness among them. The point lies in the embarkation of the direction in which something is expounded.

Expression of Space:
Space expresses both corporeal & intellectual repercussions on human perception. We use our senses to explore, with anonymous perceptions each time. Doesn’t it astonish how Greeks took perspective into notice at that time, while building the Parthenon-octastyle peripheral? The arrangement of columns was scrutinized as per how a human mind perceives it. Architecture made us realize the true aspect of human perception. For instance, long narrow corridors might seem scary but a wide lawn with open space divides our brains to focus on varied angles. Perception made Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper (2,723 ft) tall into realism. But going deep into the sea of the reality of “Vertical Cities”, it’s not a boon entirely. Humans usually don’t attune themselves but aspire to alter the Environment. Skyscrapers paralleled development & the conviction was to bring people in unison as Social Media but caused dejection & lonesomeness among people. I reckon in considering more standpoints both impressive & critical to devise better living conditions.

Prospecting Public Realm:
A few months back, I went to a park with my younger brother. People of my age group must be feeling healthy by walking around on an attractive pathway integrated with short trees along. But my brother was wondering if any swings were there. This is vice-versa for old-age people as well. We shrug off their emotions easily by neglecting the fact that spaces invoke emotions. The role of the public realm needs a rethought by not limiting to harmonious use but also analyzing the area’s character & function. By serving people of all ages a healthy & active lifestyle. Space must have a strong sense of place.

“Awareness must be like the rays of the sun: extending everywhere, illuminating all.” Quoted by B.K.S. Iyengar explains the essence of an opinion. Considerations have changed civic spaces into public spaces, which are increasing healthy growth & measurable economic advantages as well. And perception will lead us towards a better living in the coming time.

Nature invokes echoes:
Nature has its modes to stimulate counterclaims. For instance, changes in the pattern of clouds in the sky, directions of winds, colors of flowers, textures of vegetation & how it shifts through the year by playing the designs of weather on them. From just being a nature lover to acknowledging its true essence in diverse forms, Architecture happens. The intention is to create, protect & restore nature. Moreover, blending built forms with nature & reinforcing them aesthetically.

I suppose we humans are the most self-concerned species but we disregarded the fact that nature will always lead us. Henceforth, numerous times our brain functions on past experiences of insight. So, as Architects, we are blessed to be aware of and it’s our moral responsibility to enlighten the world & to make people break their normal limits of human perception. So, let’s work together to shatter the boundaries of perception & build immeasurable certitude.

Srajati Tiwari is a student of the Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi.

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